Implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the EU-funded SAAVI project in cooperation with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), have developed a unique e-learning platform to equip young entrepreneurs with the required work/ technical and interpersonal skills to build their competitive business model along the agricultural value chain.

This platform is part of a wider training program that includes mentoring and coaching sessions, access to business development training, and potential funds for the most attractive and innovative projects in the agriculture and agri-food sectors. By completing the training course, you will be well equipped to start your journey in the start-up world.

This platform consists of two main training parts divided into ten learning modules:

Basics of entrepreneurship: six modules
Agribusiness-related topics: four modules

The training includes assessments, educational videos, slideshows, and real experiences that are provided by Iraqi agripreneurs.

The ready-made materials on this online platform can be accessed anytime and anywhere on your smartphones and computers.

Each module needs ca. 60 minutes to be completed. Participants will receive completion certificates at the end of the course. The participants can access the platform through any basic laptop and internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or others), or any smart phone and tablets.

To ensure that you will have sufficient internet connections and devices, we equipped 10 access centres at the following address:

  1. Leading Agriculture association: West Mosul, Al-Shifaa neighbourhood, near Al-Tahira church
  2. Massella: East Mosul, Qadsya 2 neighbourhood, near Ali-bn Abi Talb mosque
  3. Northan Technical University: East Mosul Al-Rashidya neighbourhood, near Al-rashidya Kornesh
  4. Hope: East Mosu, Al-noor neighbourhood, near Al-noor health center
  5. Agricultural Extension and Training Directorate: Baghdad-Al-Karkh district- Abu Gharb.
  6. Baghdad Chamber of Commerce: Baghdad- Al-Rusafa district, Al-Rashed Street.
  7. Agriculture Engineers Association in Basra (AEA): Basra center / Al-Khaleej neighborhood / near passport office
  8. Basra University, Colledge of agriculture Engineering): Basra Center / Near Basra gate of Garmat Ali / University of Basra
  9. Directorate of Youth and Sport: Basra center / Al-Twesa neighborhood / Near Olympic committee


The Strengthening the Agriculture and Agri-food Value Chain and Improving Trade Policy (SAAVI) project contributes to inclusive economic growth and job creation, particularly for youth, by improving Iraq's agriculture competitiveness and supporting trade development. This European Union-funded project focuses on fostering a conducive ecosystem for the growth of youth-owned agribusinesses and the upskilling of young entrepreneurs and workers, the development and implementation of sector strategies for high-potential products, and building productive and commercial agribusiness alliances to enhance the competitiveness of farmers and MSMEs. SAAVI also provides assistance to enhance Iraq’s trade policy and supports the country in its WTO accession process.

SAAVI is implemented under the leadership of the Government of Iraq through the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Trade.

This project is part of the EU funded Agri-food Business Development Programme (AfBDP). The European Union in Iraq funds international partners - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Trade Centre (ITC), and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)- under the umbrella of AfBDP. Central to the AfBDP is an agri-food value chain approach that supports stabilisation and governance, while promoting sustainable and decent job creation.

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