This course introduces the main concepts of trade flow analysis together with a dedicated tool to perform it (Trade Map). Focus is placed on the meaning and value of trade statistics and trade indicators (...)


This is a special session of the course "How to Analyse Trade Flows".

This online course showcases the challenges and opportunities for organisations of successfully implementing a digital transformation enabled by new information and communication technology (ICT), such as cloud computing, connectivity, and mobility. Following a “lean” digital transformation methodology, it introduces three main methods to assist organisations in designing a digital transformation roadmap. A Community of Practice (CoP) is made available to participants at the end of the course in order to help them and their organisations successfully sustain and navigate their digital transformation processes.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct a readiness self-assessment to evaluate their organisation's readiness to begin a digital transformation;
  • Use basic Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) and create simple models to gain an overall perspective of their organisation's work processes;
  • Use the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to design a digital transformation strategy; and
  • Create an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) graph and use it to monitor their digital transformation.

    Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued in electronic format.


Lecture 1: Starting the Journey of Digital Transformation
Lecture 2: Understanding your Digital Transformation
Lecture 3: Measuring your Digital Transformation
Lecture 4: Innovation Capability and the Community of Practice
Case Study Exercise